At, you expect to find miniatures. And you do, of course, but there are miniatures . . . and then there are tiny-atures: 1/144 scale, or 1/12 of 1/12 scale. Some call it micro-scale, some say dollhouse-for-a-dollhouse. Some find a close parallel with model railroaders’ N Scale. Whatever you call it, it’s small.

And charming, and addicting and, when done to the Nth degree – can take your breath away. How do they do that??? Well, mostly, with tweezers, patience and shallow breathing. (And never when they feel a sneeze coming on!)

Wanna know a secret? “They” are people just like you. They wondered whether they could create anything that small, but they decided to take the plunge and find out. You can, too.

There are more than two dozen kits to choose from; the very tiny size means you can build an impressive collection that won’t take over your living space – and you can complete a kit in less than a day!

All the kits are shown finished; some even come complete with wallpapers and landscaping. You can choose to replicate the examples exactly if you wish but, because there are so many options available when you do it yourself, why not make yours unique? We also have plenty of tiny landscaping materials – including trees less than 1”tall! – so you can easily add mini gardening to your skill set.

By itself, the charm of a tiny structure is enough for some collectors, but the ability to add furnishings can be irresistible. Complete room sets are available as kits for more customizing, or finished and ready to go.

Don’t forget the tools and helpers that will make construction easier. We have an assortment of tweezers for every need (#54400 is our miniaturist’s favorite!) and pinpoint glue applicators to dispense just the right amount of your favorite adhesive.

Smaller-than-small is calling; what are you waiting for?
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1/144 Scale Victorian Store Kit
Price: $99.99
From Hart's Desire Miniatures
1/144 Scale Tudor Dollhouse Kit
Price: $99.99
From Hart's Desire Miniatures
1/144 Scale Colonial Dollhouse Kit
Price: $99.99
from Hart's Desire Miniatures
1/144 Victorian Dollhouse Kit
Price: $99.99
from Hart's Desire Miniatures
1/144 Scale Summer Dollhouse Kit
Price: $89.99
from Hart's Desire Miniatures
1/144 inch Scale Olde Savannah Home Dollhouse Kit
(2 reviews)
Price: $69.99
This unfinished dollhouse kit has a beautifully styled exterior and separates in the middle for complete viewing of the interior (the back is also open) ...
1/144 Scale Seaside Cottage
Price: $64.95
from Northeastern Scale Models
1/144 inch Scale Philomena Dollhouse
Price: $56.99
Check out the latest in mini, mini dollhouses...
1/144 inch Scale Garfield Kit
(6 reviews)
Price: $56.99
A mini replica of The Garfield, this unfinished kit is complete with all the architectural details and trim found on the 1/12 scale version!
1/144 inch Scale Van Horn Castle Kit
(1 review)
Price: $54.99
This tiny unfinished kit is brimming with details!
1/144 inch Scale Queen Anne Mansion Dollhouse Kit
(3 reviews)
Price: $49.99
This laser-cut unfinished dollhouse kit has classic Queen Anne features including a turret, multi-planed roof and an encircling porch ...
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