Who would have thought the lowly Travel Trailer would be so inspiring? We were amazed at how creative you were with the kit, and our judges had a particularly hard time judging the 225 entries. After hours of haggling, they compromised on winners, barely restraining themselves to 15 Honorable Mentions.

Grand Prize: $1000 Gift Certificate
Redneck Yard of the Week
Johanna Berman, Dixon, IL

Johanna says she was inspired by a TV show, featuring a similar "redneck" abode.

Her hillbilly hounds are alerting their master of trespassing pranksters planting a "Redneck Yard of the Week" sign on the family's private property.

It was the craftsmanship of Johanna's aging techniques, the completeness of her scene - right down to the pile of broken concrete blocks - and the humor of her originality that won over the judges.

First Place: $500 Gift Certificate
Mardi Gras Parade
Katherine & Lloyd Bennett, Marshall, MO

Who doesn't love a parade? Katherine and Lloyd created Float #6 -The Poseidon - in memory of the good times they enjoyed in New Orleans before Katrina drove them northward.

Although they have only been involved in miniatures for a year, they went all out with 6 handmade riders and 4 dozen tiny strings of beads.

There are 3 sets of lights... fiber optics, 12V and a rolling "chase" light that seems to make the float roll through the French Quarter at dusk.

Second Place: $300 Gift Certificate
My Villa, 50's Style Travel Trailer
Terry Maharas, Manito, IL

Terry's meticulous research into vintage travel trailers and his precise replication are what caught our judges attention. Every detail, inside and out, is exactly as it should be for its chosen time period.

The body is covered with aluminum embossing foil, and Terry drilled holes and inserted over 200 silk pins for rivets. He found swatches of period fabrics on the Internet, printed them on paper, and then crumbled the paper until it was soft as cloth.

The wonderful mini-owner lounging under the awning is a creation of the noted miniaturist, Pearl Jordan.

Third Place: $200 Gift Certificate
Flamingo Diner Kathy Tisko, Dallas, TX

Kathy just happened to have some mini-booths and tables, so she transformed the travel trailer into a classy diner. The slick siding is made from diamond plate plastic sheets spray painted with silver enamel.

The interior is enhanced with wood paneling and retro wallpaper. The judges loved the details on every table, the completeness of the setting and the fabulous photography.

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