Presenting The Winners of Our 15th Annual Creatin' Contest!

It is with great pride that we announce this year's Creatin' Contest Winners! As I looked though the entries, I was reminded of just how powerful the creative mind is. Each entry is unique and incredible in its own way. I was so inspired by the comments and photos that my own creative juices really started flowing!

To everyone who participated, I say, "Thank you—great job!" And to the winners, I just say, "WOW!" To those folks who didn't win, thanks for taking a shot and please enter next year's contest. You inspire us all!

We will have even more pictures available in the next few weeks. So, keep checking back. Also, please know that we appreciate all your hard work!

Grand Prize: $1000 Gift Certificate
"Summer Place"
William Anderson, Kingman, AZ

Bill's "Summer Place" is modeled after an old miner's cabin that has been turned into a summer/hunting home. Bill's extensive background in military replicas and HO scale railroad landscaping is obvious when you look at his craftmanship, attention to detail and unique landscaping.

The furnishings are a mix of kits and scratch-built items, right down to his making of the pencils on the desk.

Starting with cedar planks, Bill stripped and milled his own board and batten siding for the interior and exterior. He even "shaked" his own shingles.

Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Bill Anderson!

First Place: $500 Gift Certificate
"The Old Woman in the Shoe"
Judy Helbling-Archer, Normal, IL

Creativity at its best! Judy carved the "Shoe" from multiple layers of Styrofoam and coated it with a smooth surface of paper-mâché.

As you can see, Judy stays true to the old nursery rhyme, and even includes the Old Woman's many children!

Second Place: $300 Gift Certificate
"Creole Cottage: Home of Marie Laveau,
Voodoo Queen of New Orleans"

Katherine Bennett, Marshall, MO

As a former resident of New Orleans, this project has special meaning to Katherine. To create a building typical of Creole architecture, Katherine joined two Adams Kits together.

The interior of Katherine's Creole Cottage exemplifies the in depth research she conducted on the life of Marie Laveau. Katherine paid special attention to details, as evidenced in the altar arrangement and the crucifix above the bed. She even created ornate fire screens based on photographs of actual examples.

Third Place: $200 Gift Certificate
"Gris-Gris House"
Brandaen Jones, Orlando, FL

Brandaen loves New Orleans, and his love for the city was the inspiration for his winning project. He pictured a down-on-her-luck voodoo lady in the swamplands with a rundown rusted roof home.

Brandaen made the roof himself and yes, that is real rust! He would like to credit Leo Schafers for his help with the roof. Leo provided a "wealth of information" and helped him create the ridges in the sheets of aluminum he used for the roof. Brandaen also explained the creative weathering methods he used: diluted hydrochloric acid and iron fillings were used to obtain the rusted look he was going for. He said he tried other weathering methods, and wasn't pleased with the results, so he called on his background in science to help him achieve what he was going for. Although he only became a miniaturist just a couple of years ago, Brandaen's talent is undeniable!

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