Presenting The Winners of Our 17th Annual Creatin' Contest!

It is with great pride that we announce this year's Creatin' Contest Winners! As I looked though the entries, I was reminded of just how powerful the creative mind is. Each entry is unique and incredible in its own way. I was so inspired by the comments and photos that my own creative juices really started flowing!

To everyone who participated, I say, "Thank you—great job!" And to the winners, I just say, "WOW!" To those folks who didn't win, thanks for taking a shot and please enter next year's contest. You inspire us all!

Note: Roy Simpson, originally voted Third Place winner, has asked that his entry be withdrawn. While we regret his decision, we will honor his request. With this adjustment, Monika Liebenow of Shelton, Washington becomes the Third Place winner and Jean B. Potter’s entry is now an Honorable Mention honoree.

Please click on the images below to enlarge.

Grand Prize: $1000 Gift Certificate
Cottage at Boulder Cove
Cheryl Kleppan, Dewey, AZ


Cheryl created the “Cottage at Boulder Cove,” an environmentally friendly lake home built on pilings over the water and expanded to include a kitchen, dining and living rooms in addition to the bedroom and sleeping loft she created within the original kit.

First Place: $500 Gift Certificate>
Bird's Eye View
Michelle Miller, Howell, MI

Michelle created a “Bird’s Eye View.” Her treehouse has a wraparound porch, three observation towers, a dining deck and is reached by three spiral staircases. The tree is approximately 5 feet tall, constructed from PVC pipe and fittings.

Second Place: $300 Gift Certificate
Meth Lab Home
Kat Pruett, Salem, OR

Kat created “Meth Lab Home” after extensive research to bring awareness to the fact that we are all impacted – in one way or another – by the tragedy of methamphetamine use. Kat will use her model to educate others, and says: “I am going to try to put together a flyer with information from one of the local law enforcement agencies so that people can report sightings of suspected meth houses (or recognize what they are seeing if they stumble across a site while hiking or camping).”

Third Place: $200 Gift Certificate
Eagle Super Service;
Monika Liebenow, Shelton, WA

Monika created the “Eagle Super Service” station using two Lisa’s Country Cottage kits – one reversed – to craft a fully realized look back to a time when those pulling up to a gas pump “actually received service”!

Honorable Mention
The Back of the House
Janet Snook, Livermore, CA

Janet created “The Back of the House,” an expanded addition for her larger dollhouse.

Honorable Mention
Liza's Cottage
Lena Jangren, Gavle, Sweden

Lena created "Liza's Cottage" in pastel colors, mixing Swedish and American styles.

Honorable Mention
Petal Pushers Flowers & Plants
Katherine Biggs, Waterford, MI

Katherine was inspired by the quaint shops in Waterbury, Vermont.

Honorable Mention
Visitor Information Center
Carol Dyson, Duluth, MN

Carol created a "Visitor Information Center" similar to one that might be found in northern Minnesota or other forested areas.

Honorable Mention
Way Down South
Alice Sperry, Camden, S.C.

Alice created "Way Down South" inspired by history and sights along her area's back roads.

Honorable Mention
German Texas Settlers Cabin c.1840
David Mors, San Antonio, TX

David created "German Texas Settlers Cabin c.1840" after researching accurate construction methods and materials for historic German Hill Country settlements.

Honorable Mention
Under the Tuscan Sun
Rochelle Capozzi, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Rochelle created "Under the Tuscan Sun", a rustic regional farmhouse inspired by a trip to Italy.

Honorable Mention
Gabby's Irish Cottage
Katie Gillan, Warren, MI

Katie created "Gabby's Irish Cottage" as a tribute to her grandmother, who has always wanted to go to Ireland.

Honorable Mention
Serendipity Cottage
Jennifer Berkeley, Lynchburg, VA

Jennifer created "Serendipity Cottage", a 3-D realization of the house from "My Dolly's Home", a 1921 children's book.

Honorable Mention
Express Station
William T. Anderson, Kingman, AZ

William created "Express Station", a rural stop for passengers, freight and mail when the Wild West was being tamed.

Honorable Mention
A Blissful House
Jane Young, Tom's River, NJ

Jane created "A Blissful House," imagining a previously unknown version of the treasured childhood toys.

Honorable Mention
The Weekender
Marshall Wallman, Freemont, NE

Marshall created "The Weekender," a rustic timberframe cabin inspired by a lakeside vacation with his family.

Honorable Mention
Over the River & Through the Woods
Linda Tolley, Sandpoint, ID

Linda created "Over the River & Through the Woods," inspired by mountain retreats in her Pacific Northwest area.

Honorable Mention
All Aboard!
Debi Woods, Crysler, Ontario, Canada

Debi created "All Aboard!," a vintage railroad station that inspired - and was inspired - by drives to nearby small towns for research.

Honorable Mention
Weekend Mountain Retreat
Jean B. Potter, Pisgah Forest, N.C.

Jean created "Weekend Mountain Retreat" because, although she lives in the mountains, "If I had to live in the city, I would want this as my getaway!"

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