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Grand Prize: $1,000 Gift Certificate
"North Creek – A Century Later" Michelle Miller, Howell, MI

Creatin' Contest Grand Prize Winner 2012

Creatin' Contest Grand Prize Winner Creatin' Contest Grand Prize Winner Creatin' Contest Grand Prize Winner

The mini "history" behind Michelle's B&B was that it was originally a one-story stone blacksmith shop from 1912, later expanded and used as an auto repair garage and finally being renovated into the North Creek Bed & Breakfast. Using 1/2" scale dolls and accessories in the 1" scale kit, she creates the illusion of a cavernous structure. Michelle cut her Fascination Station into two parts, added a second story on the right and elevated the left side on a hill of carved Styrofoam layers. She scratch-built the scaffolding and dumpster; used Plaster of Paris for the stonework and spackling for the concrete. Although it is possible the "renovation" may one day be complete, Michelle likes the look of a remodel in progress.

First Place: $500 Gift Certificate
"The Old West" Joyce Bishop, Hendersonville, NC

Creatin' Contest First Place

Creatin' Contest First Place Creatin' Contest First Place Creatin' Contest First Place

Joyce jumped in with both feet when she chose the Fascination Station as her first-ever miniature project. "I didn't think I would ever get enough things to fill it up," she said, but added "When I got started it filled up very fast, and then I worried I wouldn't have enough room!" Her husband's love of TV and movie Westerns set the theme, and she did further research online to be sure of accurate details. The right-scale horses were among the most difficult elements to find, but her perseverance paid off. "It was hard ... but I enjoyed doing it," she said.

Second Place: $300 Gift Certificate
"Ted Cairns Chevron" Louise Stedinger, Florence, OR


Creatin' Contest Second Place

Creatin' Contest Second Place


In addition to a winning project, Louise is proud to have created a remembrance of a dear friend who has since passed, but whose memories helped her get the details exactly right – down to the car lifts, which she had custom machined for the project. Ted owned three service stations, Louise said, and "High standards were the rule. The American flag had to fly; good personal service, well groomed attendants ... clean restrooms [were] all a must." At 81 and with only about three years' experience in miniatures, Louise says, "I got a late start, but I love it!"


Third Place: $200 Gift Certificate
"Deadwood Stage at Chugwater Station" Roy Simpson, Lubbock, TX


Creatin' Contest Third Place

Creatin' Contest Third Place


Chugwater is actually a tiny town in Wyoming, but Roy says he doesn't remember where he heard the name, it just seemed to express the gritty realism he wanted for this project. Although he points out the scratch-built stagecoach and the trees and yucca made from wire, for Roy it's not about the work that goes into a project but the stories that can come out of it. He wants all the elements to be “right,” he said, but his ultimate goal was "to create something that would bring a smile to the young and old."




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