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30" Bright White LED Strip

Extremely flexible and easy to use!

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12V ExtraBrite LED Striplights from Real Good Toys

LED lights have an extremely long operating life, use about 1/10 the power of incandescent lights and do not put out as much heat. The strip can run on either DC or AC power, although DC is preferred.

This light strip can be bent or twisted and held in place by its adhesive backing. The whole strip or any section of the strip will operate using a standard dollhouse 12V Power supply. Sections can be cut off at any "cut line" (multiples of 3 lights) and attached to standard dollhouse wiring anywhere more light is needed.

These LED light strips use less than 3 watts per foot so a #100910 transformer (10 watts) is ideal for up to 3 feet of these lights. If you are using more than that, please refer to the wattage capacity of your transformer to be sure.

If you are attaching these lights to a solid wire (round wire or tape wire) system, using connectors #9239 make it easy!

90 Lights. 5/16" wide x 30" long; Installation instructions are included.

Scale: Life-Size
Assembly Required: No

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on 7/13/2012
Easy to use, bright ersatile - runs better on DCand v
Easy to use, extremely bright, and versatile.  I like how it turned out and will definitely re-use this product.  You can use it as long strips or cut it into smaller segments - I have six segments left and I wish I had more!

It can be installed on flat copper tape "wire" or solid (i.e., non-stranded) wire, either using eyelets or with the optional connectors.  I installed with solid wire and eyelets.  Making the connections was a bit of a fussy process, and although it took a little coordination and predrilling pilot holes, it seems to be an extremely sturdy connection and I'm pleased with the result.

It has a very slight, nearly imperceptible flicker when run on AC, but that artifact disappears completely when run on DC.  
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