A Note From Ernie

Hi, there. I'm Ernie Collier,proprietor of HBS/ My wife Blanche and I, along with my son Calvin, have been in the miniatures business for about 30 years now.

Of course, back in the 80s when we took over Hobby Builders Supply, we just had the catalog. But, as soon as this whole Internet thing got going, Calvin jumped right on it. was one of the first online catalogs out there. A few years later, in the 90s, we took in Houseworks as a partner.

Throughout the years, we've learned just about everything there is to know about selling miniatures. But one thing has never changed, and that is our dedication to our customers. We've been lucky to have a great rapport with the mini community and listening to them has gotten us where we are today … the world's number one source for dollhouses and miniatures.

We do our best each day to offer exceptional service, a vast selection and more than fair prices. That said, I think one secret to our success is that we just love what we do. Not many folks can honestly say that, these days, but it couldn't be more true in our case. I spend my days dreaming up new ideas for miniatures, and Blanche and Calvin take care of all the details that make it all happen. Our team has remained pretty much the same small group of hard working folks over the years, although we do pick up a few new crew members here and there.

As I said, perhaps the number one secret to our success is that we keep in close contact with our customers. Good or bad, we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email to let us know how we're doing. We take your feedback more than seriously, I assure you. Lately, I've gotten into "social networking," which is a fancy way of saying Facebooking, and that has allowed me even greater access to the mini community. I can have an idea in the morning, post it before lunch and have dozens of opinions before the day is done. It's incredible. So, please visit us at and introduce yourself, if you haven't already done so.

Although we do not have a physical store or showroom, our offices are located in Doraville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Folks stop by all the time just to walk through the warehouse, meet the people they talk to on the phone and see where it all happens.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about us. I hope you will join our family of miniaturists and give us a chance to show you just what I mean when I say that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed at HBS/