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Boolean search allows you to broaden and/or narrow your results. Please note that the Boolean terms AND, OR, NOT and AND NOT must be CAPITALIZED for the search to recognize them. In the examples below, we are using square brackets [ ] to denote queries; do not include the square brackets in your actual query.

Term What it does Example


Using AND narrows a search by combining terms; it will retrieve results that use all the search terms you specify

[ red AND white AND blue ] finds items containing all three terms in any order


Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either/any of the words you enter

[ red OR blue ] finds items containing red or blue or both


Using NOT will narrow a search by excluding results that contain certain terms you enter

[ NOT red ] finds all items which do not contain red


Finds search term(s) entered, while omitting results containing words following the AND NOT designator

[ white AND NOT red ] finds items which contain white but do not contain red

" "

Double quotes around the search term define an exact phrase to be matched.

Double quotes override other Boolean functions.

[ "Real Good Toys" ] finds only records containing the exact phrase Real Good Toys.

To use double quotes within a search term, prefix them with a backslash. [ 1/4\" Bungalow Kit ]

( )

Parentheses around multiple search conditions will cause them to be evaluated together

[ red AND (white OR blue) ] finds items which contain red and either white or blue


Wildcard represents zero or more unspecified characters or words at the beginning or end of a word

[ red* ] finds red, reddish, red house, etc.

[ *red ] finds red, admired, brick red, etc.

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