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Please Note: All of the items in this catalog are 1/12 scale (1" = 1'), unless otherwise specified in the item's name or descriptive copy. All items not 1/12 scale appear in their own section - Shop by Scale


This is where it all begins ... the end-all, be-all of your miniature experience. Your choice of dollhouse will determine the path you take through this magical world of imagination, creativity and ... let's face it ... obsession.

Will your dream home be a finished dollhouse, a dollhouse kit, a QuickBuild house or maybe something in an extra tiny scale? Find out today, it's all just a mouse click away!
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Dollhouse Accessories

Open the door to all the mini accessories required to turn your house into a home. With so many categories to choose from, your personal style is sure to shine through ... from furniture to flooring to the finishing touches you'll need to complete your mini dream home.

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Builders Corner

Just as real contractors and builders require specific tools when building or remodeling a home, you are going to need the correct supplies to build your dollhouse! Get your hands on the appropriate glues, supplies and tools to get the job done here!

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Featured Brands

Here in the dollhouse world, just as in the real world, folks have some very specific loyalties to certain brands. We've worked hard to search out the best of the best to bring you the highest quality products known for their authenticity and attention to detail.

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Internet Exclusives

One of the many advantages of shopping online is access to hundreds of products not available in our Hobby Builders Supply catalog. Some of these items are seasonal, while others have simply run their course in the catalog or are waiting for an upcoming issue to make their debut. Internet Exclusives are just one of the ways we thank you for shopping at!

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