Gold Plated Working Door Knocker by Houseworks Pair of Rope Trim French Door Handles Pair of Round Rope Trim Doorknobs Door Hinge by Houseworks
Mini Hinge with 4 Nails Small Brass Offset Hinge with Nails Black Enamel Brass S Hook by Houseworks Brass House Numbers
Mail Slot Brass Switch Plate Cover Gold Plated Brass Window Handle Pull by Houseworks Gold Plated Brass Double Flower Drawer Pull by Houseworks
Crystal Opryland Doorknob w/Plate & Key by Houseworks Gold Plated Brass Knob by Houseworks

The tiniest touches can have an enormous effect on the realism of your dollhouse. From miniature hinges, doorknobs and drawer pulls to curtain rods and casters, our dollhouse hardware has shiny little accents that really show off your attention to detail.