Because of their beauty and strength, brick and stone has long been a preferred choice of builders and homeowners alike. Dollhouse bricks and stone provides protection against fire, wind and moisture, are naturally energy-efficient and are virtually maintenance free. Colors can vary from traditional reds to earth tones, browns, greys and pastel with surface finishes that range from smooth to heavily textured. Miniature bricks and stone can, of course, be used for interior and exterior walls and fireplaces, porch posts, garden paths, walls and fountains….the list goes on and on. Because creating miniature replicas that closely resemble real-life, offers many options for these popular materials.

For ultimate realism, you will find packages of natural, real, and individual miniature bricks and stones—in a variety of colors—that can be installed with mortar. Washes can be applied to create a different color or texture, if desired. You can also easily create a similar look with sheets of mesh-mounted clay bricks. We also have many paper and plastic sheets that are budget-friendly, lightweight and extremely easy to cut and install. The plastic sheets can be customized with paint, and the paper sheets are available in a wide variety of light, dark and blended colors. So many choices….basically, if you have seen a brick or stone application that you love in full-scale, you can replicate it in miniature, whether you are finishing the entire exterior of a dollhouse or just adding an accent touch for a landscape. And speaking of special touches, has a brick stair step, chimney and outdoor fireplace. The finished stair step can easily be set in front of an entranceway, and imagine the outdoor living space you could create around the unfinished outdoor fireplace!
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Outdoor Brick Fireplace
Price: $35.06
Just imagine the possible uses and finishes for this fireplace...
Cement Block Set
Price: $29.99
Used Brick Latex Sheet
Price: $25.95
Easy to apply--and with no wrinkles or gaps ...
Common Brick Latex Sheet
Price: $25.95
Easy to apply--and with no wrinkles or gaps ...
Common Joint Pattern Brick Sheet
(1 review)
Price: $19.95
Make paths, fireplace fronts, floors, garden walls ... you decide!
Patio Bricks by Houseworks
Price: $19.95
Genuine, mesh mounted clay. Each sheet covers approximately 72" square...
Brickmaster Common Joint Brick Sheet by Houseworks
Price: $14.95
Made of Styrene™ plastic.
Brick Entry Stairs
(2 reviews)
Price: $13.99
You asked us to bring this back and here it is...
Concrete Block Plastic Veneer Sheet
(1 review)
Price: $10.99
Great for foundations!
Brick Siding by Houseworks
(1 review)
Price: $9.95
This sheet is made of strong, vacuum formed vinyl, easily cut with scissors ...
Unfinished Partially Bricked Chimney
Price: $9.85
Ready for your own personal customization...
Embossed Light Brick Sheet
(3 reviews)
Price: $8.99
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