NancyThe purpose of this book is to show the miniature enthusiast the essential techniques for finishing a dollhouse. After both owning a miniature shop and working with miniatures for many years, I found that there are numerous "tricks of the trade" that make the finishing and decorating of dollhouses significantly easier. Many of these ideas I discovered through trial and error; many more came from customers, friends, family, miniature workshops and seminars, books, magazines and House parties. I would like to thank all of those individuals who have contributed over the years for their invaluable suggestions. Because they shared with me, I can now share with you. I would also like to thank Paul Benamy of Houseworks, Ltd., who asked me to write this book. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that the product numbers referenced in the text are Houseworks products.

While this book is an instructional guide to finishing dollhouses, the techniques given are not "cast in stone." Instead, I encourage you to use the techniques in this book as a beginning point for customizing your dollhouse. Once you have mastered these techniques,feel free to experiment.

You will find that many methods used in the "real" or lifesize world also work well with miniatures. In the world of miniature, you can get as precise as you want. However, sometimes I find it necessary to use illusion and scale to eye.

The most important lesson to learn when building and finishing a dollhouse or any miniature project is to have fun. Remember, when you work with miniatures, you must be "In The Mood." As the old adage goes, "Patience is Golden." So, take your time and never work on your projects when you are tired, ill or upset.

The chapters of this book are arranged in the same fashion as the steps you should take when finishing a dollhouse. Specific procedures and individual elements you might need to look up are listed in the Index.

Enjoy creating! Remember also to share your ideas with others. That is what makes the miniature world so wonderful. As N.A.M.E. (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts), says: "Only Through Sharing Can We Really Enjoy Our Treasures."

Nancy Van Horn

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