Kim Stowell

Meet Miniaturist Kim Stowell
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Here at HBS/, we pride ourselves on not just bringing you the MOST minis, but also the BEST minis. Part of that goal is achieved through our relationships with "handcrafters," like Kim Stowell. As with so many miniaturists, Kim's passion for all things small is grounded in her childhood. When she stumbled upon an old dollhouse her father had built for her some 20 years earlier, Kim dedicated herself to "fixing it up." Before long, her affection for the dollhouse had grown into a full-fledged hobby, and she "was hooked."


Beachy Minis by Kim Stowell
A Time for Every Purpose 

Kim finds inspiration in seasonal themes. As with so many of us, she enjoys changing her decor when the weather changes. Kim's summertime pieces take us straight to the beach. We can almost smell the salty sweet ocean breeze when admiring her beachy accessories. Perfect for a seaside retreat, they create the laid back air of summertime in any dollhouse setting. 
Spooky and Sweet  

Toil & Trouble Yard ArtAccording to the feedback we've gotten from our friends and customers, Halloween comes in a close second for the most favored decorating holiday. Kim's wistful accents recall roadside produce stands and trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. She says memories of her childhood were the inspiration for her homespun autumnal bounty. 
Kim Stowell's Christmas Minis
Decking the Halls 

Well, if anyone is still wondering what the number one decorating season is ... it's Christmastime, of course. Many of Kim's favorite decorative creations are recreations of her most treasured yuletide mementos. Each year, we look forward to her heartwarming gifts of this most treasured holiday.
Nostalgia is a big part of miniatures. Miniaturists such as Kim Stowell remind us of this every day. Kim's late father was enamored by her artistic talent and encouraged her to share her gift with others. We are grateful that she took his advice and are certain that he would be quite proud of her success.
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