Blue and White Floral Table Lamp by Houseworks Ceiling Fan & White Globe Light by Houseworks Bristol Victorian Post Lamp by Houseworks Wells Copper Hurricane Lamp by Houseworks

To electrify or not to electrify. That is the question that plagues many a dollhouse builder. Lighting adds warmth and realism to your dollhouse. Whether you choose overhead lights, chandeliers, sconces or lamps, the glow of interior light is impossible to resist and will draw the attention of everyone within eyeshot.

And now you've got options! Our battery powered lights are as easy as flipping a switch! For those who would rather wire their dollhouse, we've got both round and tape wire options. While it may seem complicated and time-consuming to run electricity in a dollhouse, it really doesn't have to be intimidating. With just a little know-how and some supplies from, your dollhouse can come alive with electricity.

Our ceiling fans provide the dramatic allure of overhead lighting, and several actually include motorized turning blades. Illumination AND movement ... the ultimate dollhouse customization!
Bentham Tulip Table Lamp by Houseworks Keswick Tiffany Table Lamp by Houseworks Chorley Double Sconce by Houseworks Kingston Ceiling Light by Houseworks
Dragonfly Motif Hanging Tiffany Lamp by Reutter Porzellan 12V Lighted Aquarium Hastings Floor Lamp by Houseworks 12V Stringed Christmas Ornament Lights
Aria Table Lamp Highgate Coach Light 3-Light Chandelier 6-Arm Crystal Chandelier by Cir-Kit Concepts

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