Lighting & Fans

“Lighting is everything. It creates atmosphere, drama and intrigue in a room.” That’s a quote from internationally recognized interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and it is just as applicable to miniature rooms as full-scale rooms. Lighting adds warmth and realism to your dollhouse; whether you choose overhead lights, a miniature chandelier, sconces or lamps, the glow of interior miniature light fixtures are impossible to resist and will draw the attention of everyone within eyeshot. From a classic table lamp to the most ornate crystal miniature chandelier you can envision, has options for your dollhouse and all your miniature projects. There are also plenty of outdoor dollhouse lighting choices, so your porch and landscaping can be just as homey as your indoor scenes. Many of our dollhouse lights are from world-renown manufacturer Houseworks, so you can depend on the best style and quality!

To electrify or not to electrify. That is the question that plagues many a dollhouse builder. And now you've got options! Our battery powered lights from Houseworks are as easy as flipping a switch! Perhaps you are building a small dollhouse and don’t want to tap into your “inner electrician” to wire it, or you are furnishing and decorating a dollhouse that is already built and wasn’t wired. Our battery powered dollhouse lights may be your “light-bulb moment.” Battery powered miniature light fixtures are also ideal for small miniature scenes, when you may only need one or two accent lights. For those who would rather wire their dollhouse, we've got both round and tape wire options. While it may seem complicated and time-consuming to run electricity in a dollhouse, it really doesn't have to be intimidating. With just a little know-how and some supplies from, your dollhouse can come alive with electricity. And if you ever need assistance, we have knowledge customer service representatives that are more than happy to serve as your electrical consultant. We have all the supplies and replacement bulbs you will need to complete even the most detailed project. We even have a selection of non-working lights, perfect if you want the impression of lighting without needing actual light.

Certainly don’t forget the option of adding a ceiling fan to the living room, bedroom or porch. We have a battery operated option, as well as ones to add to a wiring system. They all have lights, but keep in mind that the blades do not move.