Lycopodium Christmas Tree

by Fran Casselman
Materials & Tools:
#76056   6" Green Sisal Tree
#25687   Lycopodium (package is enough for several trees)
Utility scissors
Tacky glue

There are a number of ways to use lycopodium and a bottle-brush sisal tree to make a realistic-looking miniature Christmas tree. I researched several methods online, and adapted them to create the natural, layered look — intended as an outdoor tree — seen here.

First, I used utility scissors to cut away sections of the sisal bristles, leaving layers of branches and open “trunk.” Next, I sectioned the lycopodium into branches of specific lengths; the longest were 2 1/2”, diminishing by 1/2” increments to about 1/2”.

Then, one layer at a time, I glued the lycopodium branches to the top of the bristle layers with tacky glue and let each layer dry before moving on. I also glued a layer of branches to the bottom of the lowest layer of bristles for a full look. In the top section, the short lycopodium pieces are dipped into glue and tucked into the sisal with tweezers. I finished the top with an especially pretty lycopodium tip.