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Doll artisan Cindy Cook presents the completely handcrafted Jerry Barrett Doll. Jerry is just one of...

Doll artisan Cindy Cook presents the completely handcrafted Jett Barrett Doll. Jett is just one of f...

This doll features a resin face and body with posable arms and flocked hair. The clothing and shoes ...

At your service! Whether you need a distinguished escort for a night at the opera or a seasoned butl...

This high-quality handcrafted German-made doll is very posable. Barry has a vinyl head that turns. H...
reg. $51.99

English Pewter Finely cast with great attention to detail. Unpainted item can be hand painted with ...
reg. $19.99

Meet Bradley...he's part of Housesworks' resin doll collection!   Non-posable; 6"H

Hand painted resin doll is non-posable and has no removable pieces. 2"W x 3"H from seat to head (l...

These durable vinyl teenagers are all kinds of fun. Their heads turn and their arms and legs move mi...
reg. $19.99

Hand painted poly resin doll. Crate not included. 1 3/4"W x 2 1/2"H from seat to head and legs ha...

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