As is the case for all miniature rooms, the principals of designing a miniature nursery are the same as when designing a real-life nursery. The good thing about decorating for children in miniature (as opposed to real life) is that there are no safety regulations to consider. And, in miniature, you don’t have to worry about dirty little hand prints on everything!

First of all, start with a theme or style idea, whether gender-driven, color-driven, or an actual theme, like nautical or princess. Then choose your basic pieces, depending on whether for a newborn or child: crib or bed, changing table and/or dresser, chair, and a hutch or chest of drawers. has a wide selection of these furniture items in a variety of styles and finishes; also check for more options in the Child's Bedroom category (subcategory of Shop by Room). Babies and children have a lot of things, so you also need to think about storage; perhaps you want shelving, bookcases and bins for all their toys and books.

After you have taken care of the basics, start accessorizing! Browse for wallpaper, lighting, artwork, curtains, rugs, toys, dolls and more to complete the room and make it personal. Another good thing about designing a nursery or child’s room in miniature is that it will never be outgrown, so go all out!

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Vintage Baby Pram
Price: $49.99
It's not silver or even gold, it's Platinum Collection from Town Square Miniatures.
Student's Bunkbed Loft in White
(1 review)
Price: $48.99
The ultimate sleep and study nook!
Students' Walnut Bunkbed Loft
(1 review)
Price: $48.99
The ultimate sleep and study nook!
Six Piece White Bunk Bedroom Set with Blue Bedding
Price: $44.99
Perfect for a child's room...
6-Pc. Hardy Boys Book Set
Price: $34.99
Your favorite childhood books...
Spring Impressions Crib and Rocking Horse Set
(1 review)
Price: $33.99
Limited Edition!
6-Pc. Peyton Nursery Set
Price: $32.99
This collection of wooden furniture is perfect for a nursery. can be used elsewhere if all the pieces don't fit in the nursery.
3-Pc. Baby Nursery Set
Price: $29.99
Painted wood with decals. Crib mattress and changing table fabrics may vary ...
5-Pc. Nancy Drew Book Set
Price: $28.99
Your favorite childhood books...
Peppermint Pony
Price: $27.99
Pretty in pink!
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