Imagination House Kit Sold Out  

Unfinished Kit Imagination House


Please Note: this article is meant to serve as reference material for those who purchasaed the  QuickBuild Imagination Dollhouse from Home Depot. The house was a promtional item, which quickly sold out during the 2012 holiday season. We do not know at this time if Home Depot or will have any additional Imagination House Kits for future sale. Thank you for your interest.





Imagination Dollhouse Attic

Can't imagine a dollhouse kit so easy to assemble? Check it out for yourself in this video! Panelized construction and dowel connections are the key. All you do is paint the parts and snap it together with glue, tape and nine little screws. It's the perfect "first dollhouse" for kids of all ages, as well as seasoned collectors!


Imagination Dollhouse Second Floor


Created in conjunction with Real Good Toys (durable 3/8" MDF walls) and Houseworks Ltd., this is a dollhouse that will last for many years to come. If you like the way our staff miniaturist Fran decorated this one, check out our inspirational catalog with tons of tips and suggestions for painting and decorating your unfinished Imagination House, as well as links to all the decorating products used. 


Imagination House First Floor is dedicated to spreading the joy of dollhouses and miniature collecting to the world. We are proud to have worked with Home Depot to create a quality, affordable dollhouse kit we feel serves that purpose. That this kit is such a bargain is just icing on the cake. Dollhouses bring friends and families together in a way that few of today's hobbies can, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to experience the magic. 



Click to see our Around the House Finishing Ideas for the Imagination House.


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