Blooming Artisan Red "Flower Spot" Large Fall Tree Princess Trick-or-Treat Doll Mini Church
14-Bulb 12V Multi-Color Christmas Light Strings “Welcome Spring” Sign Spring Takes Flight Wreath Spring is A-Flutter Wreath
4"L Tropical Surfboard Red and White Sweets Christmas Wreath Start the Grill! Sailboat Adirondack Chair
Merry Christmas Sheet Cake Sunglasses Barbecue Grill with Towel Hammock on Black Frame

Often, when the idea for a scene is taking shape in your mind, you need some inspiration to help it gel. If the time of year is an important factor, this is the place to start.

Here, you’ll find furnishings and accessories that suggest a summer picnic; a serene, snowy winter scene; brilliant spring gardens or the fun of crunchy, colorful leaves in the fall. Each seasonal category opens with an appropriate scene from our gallery and a handy link to helpful tips.

These accessories and furnishings are ideal for decorating a dollhouse, of course, but don’t forget about small projects that evoke memories of a special day. These can be almost like three-dimensional scrapbook pages, and are a great way to “start small” if you are new to miniatures.

If you already have your container or room box, great! But if not, start from the inside out: Decide what you want the scene to contain and then choose something of the appropriate size. Miniaturists have used almost anything you can imagine as containers for scenes; teacups, shopping bags, tissue boxes and tin cans have all served as settings, not to mention bleach bottles, candy boxes, Christmas balls and (artificial) pumpkins!

Your 3-D scrapbook page can start with a container that suits the season and the scene, or with a simple wooden room box. Make it fit the theme by decorating the outside, too. Maybe decoupage with seed packets and gardening catalog pages for springtime, or test papers and college catalogs for the graduate. Summer travels suggest maps and postcards, while back-to-school in fall needs notebook pages and brilliant leaves. A box wrapped in snowy white fleece might contain a cozy winter fireplace scene, helping tell a special friend how she always warms your heart.

Whatever the occasion, look to for those little details that help a seasonal scene become a treasured memory.

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