"TJ's Retreat"

Teresa Hennes, Green Bay, WI



"Christmas Cottage"

JoAnn Juliano, Smithville, TX



"Ma & Pa's General Store"

Dick and Gloria Flament, Waukegan, IL



"Broom Hilda's Potions & Such"

Rosalie Ellsworth, Virgin, UT



"The Bride Shop"

Courtland Gerhart, California, MO



"Country Post Office"

Marc Willis, Frederick, MD



"Fishing Cabin"

Howard Roy, Montrose, CO



"Summer Cottage"

Mary Rena Morrison, Oil City, PA



"Summer Getaway"

Dolores Duncan, Troy, MO



"Grandma's Shed"

Pam Humphrey, Cheboygan, MI



"Marie LeBeau's Swamp Cottage"

Brigitte Sutherland, Torc, NM




Marjorie Engle, Langhorne, PA




Barbara Heckle, Lakewood, CO



"The Cottage on Bear River"

Vikki Young, Ferndale, CA



"Ranger Station"

Steve Bailey, Marietta, PA



"Raining Cats and Dogs"

Mark Calicchia, Mount Morris, NY



"Audrey's Mystic Dress Shop"

Kaitlynn Audrey Kritstensen, Central Square, NY



"Mystic Mountain Sheriff and Bank"

Corwin Cherwonka, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



"Linda's Place"

Heather Gill, St. Albans, WV



"Harley Davidson Shop"

Sandy Price, Las Vegas, NV



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