#7404 Square Butt Shingle Strips (roof needed 7 packages at 3/4" reveal)
#55502 Bright Tin Cap/Valley Piece
#6012 Crossbuck Door
#93023 Cottage Door Hinges (2 sets)
#1110 Door Pull (painted black, with 1/8" heart punch-outs added to mimic hinges)
#17510 1/8" x 1/8" Strip Wood (for battens)
#5003 Window with Shutters (2, modified for a different appearance)
#H5025 1/2" Scale Shutters
#39011 Rustic Siding Strips (for decking)
#7503 Picket Fence (2 sets, modified as detailed below, for railing)
#7015 Fence Posts
#17512 1/8" x 3/8" Strip Wood (for railing cap)
#17528 3/8" x 3/8" Strip Wood (for stair support, secondary railing posts and leg brace on landing)
Scrap piece of 3/8" MDF, 3 1/2" x 5", for landing
#17529 3/8" x 1/2" strip wood for landing understructure
1/2" x 1/2" square dowel for landing supports/pilings
String for "handrail"

#31520 7-Pc. Weathered Adirondack Set (three pieces used, painted for scene)
#25794 Sheer White Curtain Panel (2)
#34617 Hanging Red Geraniums in Slatted Planter (2)
#62223 4 Diamond Arched Corners (as brackets for hanging baskets)
#64005 Unfinished Picnic Table ("weathered" instructions available)
#21961 Panda (Black and White Cat)
#25742 Rustic Fence
Eyelet trim (fabric store) for valances on door and upper window
Striped ribbon (fabric store) for beach towel

Weathering Technique:
All shingles, skylight windows, railing sections, posts and decking were "weathered" in a homemade stain solution. CAUTION: Solution will stain everything it contacts, including nonporous surfaces if not washed right away. Wear old clothing, protective gloves and use tongs or tweezers to handle wet items. Protect surfaces from drips and splashes.

Immerse a steel wool pad in a closed container of apple cider vinegar for a few days; stir occasionally and vent to release accumulated oxygen, off-gas of oxidation process. Remove and discard pad; strain solution through a coffee filter. Depending on strength of solution, dilute with distilled water. Solution used here had "soaked" for more than a week and was diluted 3:1 (water to solution). White vinegar may be used, but apple cider vinegar produces a more gray color.

Place the items to be stained into the solution and let soak briefly. Remove and drain on absorbent paper, turning as needed. Generally, surfaces in contact with absorbent paper will dry more evenly gray; surfaces with "puddled", wet areas will have a mottled rusty color. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Every type of wood will "take" the stain differently; test first. Stain "took" evenly on preassembled units such as fence sections and windows; glued areas accepted the stain as well as the unfinished wood Note: soaking can soften glue and joints will be weaker until dry.

Paint colors:
All purchased in ready mixed or custom mixed tester sizes at Home Depot
House wall: Glidden GLB11 French Country Blue
Shutters: Glidden GLB04 Soft Sapphire
Door and eaves: Martha Stewart Living MSL070 Cornbread
Base, pilings and roof cap: Behr Premium Solid Color Deck and Siding Stain DP-317 Drift Gray

Constructing the railing:
Using #55670 Razor Saw held against the horizontal brace of a fence section, saw away all the slat/picket material above and below the braces. Protect the work surface with #600021 Self-Healing Cutting Mat. Cut a piece of 1/8" x 3/8" strip wood to length and glue to top edge of fence section for cap. Hold with rubber bands until glue is dry. For the Chalet, fence posts were shortened by 1/4" and fence sections were glued between posts, leaving a 1/4" gap at the bottom. The #67902 Gluing Jig is very helpful here; use a scrap of 1/4" material as a spacer and square the bottom of the railing section against it in the jig.

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