Imagination House Ideas

Thank you for your interest in the QuickBuild Imagination Dollhouse! We hope that you were lucky enough to have received one of these amazing houses, offered in conjuction with Home Depot for the Christmas 2012 season. Below, we have gathered together the products and tips we used to decorate our demo house. Just click the image or link below for a downloadable/printable PDF file. All items are available here at Also, see the links at the bottom of this page for our shoppable electronic catalog and instructional video.

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Supply List:
Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior/Exterior Paint
#UL210-7 Verdigris - Exterior
#UL260-8 Perfect Taupe - Exterior trim
#UL190-13 Ivory Palace - Exterior and door trim
#UL160-12 Ivory Lace - Interior walls and exposed edges
#UL200 Ultra Pure White - Ceilings

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover
Gloss White
Gloss Clear

#1250 Weldbond glue
#172 Grandmother Stover’s Glue
#7041 Window/door casing (7)
#7042 Baseboard (6)
#7047 Crown molding (7)
#9205 1/8" x 3/8" Strip wood
#41134 Ultimate Easy Cutter
#16001 Light Duty Knife
#10115 12" Stainless Steel Ruler
#600021 Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Pre-ruffled eyelet trim
Long toothpicks
Clear nail polish
Wire cutter
Imagination House Exterior

Paint and painting supplies purchased at Home Depot. All painting was done before assembly. Moldings and trim were cut and mitered with #41134 Ultimate Easy Cutter.

The porch posts and railings, windows, #7041 window/door casing, #7042 baseboard and #7047 crown molding are painted with Gloss White Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover. The window shutters are Perfect Taupe and coated with a water-based clear gloss sealer. Because the Behr Premium Plus paint has a matte finish, the exterior trim (including the added vertical front edge pieces cut from #9205 1/8" x 3/8" strip wood), was coated with a gloss spray sealer, such as Painter’s Touch Gloss Clear finish by Rust-Oleum.

Roof “slates”: Working on the flat, unattached roof panels, the roof was faux-painted to look like slate in a multi-step process using various shades of gray paint. Briefly, paint the grooved lines and roof edges dark gray (such as Behr Premium Plus Ultra Mined Coal UL200-2), being neat on the edges but messy on the grooves. Shade the top edges of each tile with a darker gray from the top down and the bottom edges with a lighter gray from the bottom up, “muddling” the colors to end up with some tiles that are overall darker and some lighter. Mix several shades of other grays and colors (red, green, blue) into washes and apply unevenly to random tiles until you get the look you like. (Tip: do the main roof and porch roof at the same time so the overall appearance is similar.) When finished, coat with a matte or satin spray sealer.
Note: The porch roof panel may warp if painted on only one side. Paint the other side to avoid or correct this problem; use a light color to help the porch seem brighter.

Weldbond glue, #1250, was used for the main house assembly and window frame/door frame preassemblies. All wallpaper and flooring were attached with #172 Grandmother Stover’s Glue before installing trim.

The window curtains were crafted using inexpensive pre-ruffled eyelet trim purchased at a national-chain fabric store. The trim used for the valence is 1 1/4" wide with 3" wide for the curtain, although a 2 1/2" width would work fine. Less than 1/2 yard per width will cover all five windows. You also need long toothpicks and clear nail polish.

Measure the needed width (about 2 1/4" for these windows) on the header of the trim. It will want to curve, but hold it straight and cut to width (the eyelet pattern may help you keep a straight edge). Seal the cut edges with clear nail polish but be sure not to stick the header closed. Cut one point off of a long toothpick (I use nail clippers or a wire cutter). Slip the remaining pointed end through the header of the curtain, then cut that end so that it fits tightly into the window. Repeat for the valance, and for all five windows. Tip: put the curtains in the windows before you put the windows on the house.

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