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Barb Schuckman
Meet the Vendor Barb Schuckman


It seems funny to "introduce" mini artisan Barb Schuckman of By Barb miniatures, because she has been a friend and colleague of ours for so many years. Barb has been designing and handcrafting contemporary 1"-scale miniature accessories since 1978, and has been a staple in the miniatures biz for as long as HBS has been around. That being said, we jumped at the chance to spend a few minutes chatting with her and are excited to share a bit of that conversation with you. 


Tell us about how you got started in miniatures ...
Barb Schuckman

I had a dollhouse as a child and absolutely loved it. I didn't get back into miniatures till I was in my 30s and saw an adult friend's dollhouse. I asked if he could find one for me, and he surprised me with one for my birthday! When I started going to shops to look for accessories, I learned there weren't too many available, but I knew I could make them. I spoke with a shop owner about making accessories, and she was looking for needlepoint pillows for Christmas and Chanukah. I made some samples for her and, after that, I was hooked. I started selling my products at a few retail shows and at "house parties" held by N.A.M.E (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts). Long story short ... here we are today! 

Tell us more about your products ...

Everything I make is handcrafted. My products include decorative dishes, ceramic dinnerware, holiday and celebration items, and many others ... including a complete line of Judaic miniatures. I try as much as possible to emulate real world products being made and sold today. I may see a new China pattern at a store, or a fabric or an item at the hardware store and say to myself, "I can make that in miniature." I created my nursery line while my daughter-in-law was pregnant with my first grandchild. It's all about selling products that you would see and buy for your own home or maybe the home you dream of having.  

"Miniatures can be used in so many unique ways. They don't have to just be part of a dollhouse. You can use miniatures in hand crafted jewelry, in garden displays, in decorative pieces for the home, as part of a personalized gift ... get creative and I'm sure you can think of mini more possibilities!"  -Barb Schuckman 
Barb Box
Passover Break Away Box by Barb

Christmas Scrapbook
Christmas Scrapbook by Barb Schuckman

You've played a huge role in organized miniatures associations ...

Once I got into miniatures as an adult, I became heavily involved in various miniature organizations. I started off as a member of (and teaching workshops at) two local community miniature clubs sponsored by N.A.M.E. I was on the board of directors of The South Shore Miniature Association and held positions of vice president and president of The North Shore Miniature Enthusiasts. When I began selling wholesale, I joined the fledging organization, CIMTA (Cottage Industry of Miniatures Trade Association) and became an integral part of their founding board of directors. I have also held several positions (including president) on the executive committee of MIAA (Miniatures Industry Association of America) and am a founding member of the American Guild of Judaic Art.


I've always been into art. I adore photography. I love spending time with my family, including my three grandchildren. Funny enough, I don't actually do much of my own collecting in miniatures. I mainly design and create. People ask me why I don't retire, and I ask them, "Why would I retire when my career allows me to do what I love?" 


What better note to end with? We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Barb Schuckman as much as we have over the years. Please stop by her site for many informative articles, as well as her complete product line.