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Getting to know the amazing miniaturists behind our products is one of the best parts of being in the mini biz. Itsy Bitsy Mini, supplier of many of our most popular wallpaper designs, was started in 1998 by three sisters in Seattle, and all of their products continue to be lovingly handmade by family members. We spoke with owner Nhu Nizza recently to find out even more about what makes Itsy Bitsy Mini so special.  
Tell us about how you got started in miniatures ...


Cottage Jacobean Wallpaper I have always been fascinated by small things and loved to make them. I am most drawn to miniatures that work as they do in real-scale. As a child, I remember allowing my crayons to soften in the summer sun and remolding them into miniature crayons the diameter of a toothpick.


When my father built a dollhouse for my younger sister, who was 16 years my junior, I found that I had more fun with decorating and creating accessories for the dollhouse than she did. As my sister quickly lost interest, I inherited the dollhouse.  

So, how did your love of minis evolve into Itsy Bitsy Mini?


Songbirds Wallpaper The pattern options for dollhouse wallpaper were very limited. Using life-size wallpaper was frustrating, as most of the most beautiful patterns were out of scale, and purchasing a roll of wallpaper for just a single dollhouse room seemed exorbitant. Plus, the wallpaper selection at my local dollhouse shop was limited by the taste and budget of the shop owner.


After changing the wallpapers in my dollhouse at least five times because I was making do with the limited wallpaper options that were available to me, I came to the realization that I could reduce my frustrations if I could find the exact paper that I wanted.


If I created my own wallpapers, I could have papers that were exactly to scale. I could have the exact patterns and colors that I needed to give life to my miniature rooms. I could also have coordinating patterns and borders to incorporate into architectural details, such as chair rails and decorative friezes. I wanted my paper to be heavier weight, so that I would no longer have to glue it to cardstock before applying it to my walls. I also wanted matching fabrics for curtains, upholstery and accessories.


I was sure that, if I felt this way, other miniaturists did too. Itsy Bitsy Mini was born!

Weathered Wood Wallpaper
What makes your wallpapers unique?


Itsy Bitsy Mini offers one of the largest selections of wallpapers. We have over 2000 patterns and growing. We offer our patterns in three scales (1", 1/2" and 1/4"). The papers are archival, pH-neutral and acid-free. They are professional weight to reduce tearing and stretching, as well to make them suitable for covering wall imperfections and tape wire. Most of our wallpapers also have matching fabrics.


Our wallpaper themes include floral, nostalgic, traditional, shabby-chic, Victorian, cabin, masculine, nursery, contemporary, novelty, brick, tile, wood planking and stone.

What else are you passionate about?


I am the mother of 3-year-old twins, a boy and girl. I can't wait to start a new dollhouse together with my children. In decorating and accessorizing dollhouses, I've learned to crochet, knit, sew and quilt ... all in miniature. I am also an active member of the Eastern Shore Miniature Group.  

Whitewashed Plank Wallpaper
We hear you use your wallpapers for other mini projects ... 


I do! I use them to line the backs of bookshelves, to make serving trays and decorate boxes ... they make beautiful book covers. You can use the decorative borders and papers to create table and floor mats. I also use paper punches and embossing tools with gloss enamel to make china plates and serving platters. I find that, with miniatures, your imagination is the only limit!

Thanks, Nhu! It was great getting to know you! 
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