Sir Thomas Thumb

Here at HBS/, we pride ourselves on being a family-run business. So, we always enjoy learning of others in the mini-world who also have made miniatures a family operation ... like the owners of Sir Thomas Thumb! Charles and Suzan Harville, who have been in the miniatures business for over 25 years, purchased the company several years ago. Their son, Terry Harville, who became interested in miniatures as a child, does laser woodwork for the line and also has his own mini business, Terry Harville Miniatures. Talk about a family affair!


Beehive on Bench While living in California in the 1980s and also raising their dollhouse-loving daughter, the Harvilles spent quite a bit of time hunting for dollhouses and miniatures supplies. One day, at a local community miniatures meeting, they were asked if they had ever thought about taking their passion for the hobby to the next level. The man they were talking to was looking to give up his spot in the flea market and, on a whim, they decided to take it over. 


Charles and Suzan began making their own products under the name Magic in Minis. They also bought from World's Smallest Company, which they eventually purchased and passed on to Terry. As they became more involved in the business side of miniatures, the Harvilles recognized the quality and talent at Sir Thomas Thumb. Later, when they learned that an owner of the company was planning to retire, they decided to buy that business, as well! And, what a good decision that was! 


Rain Barrel Charles says, "The whole thing has been quite a learning experience. The first thing we had to do was spend a lot of time with the previous owners learning the tricks of making the products."  All the items were being handmade at the time and, to this day, still are. Each piece is handcut, assembled, varnished and waxed right there. No wonder they make such beautiful and realistic minis!


For his part, Terry has been making minis for about 25 years. He began by focussing on Egyptian items, several of which have been featured in magazines and museums. Terry later branched out and is now making tiny fishing gear, guns, archery equipment, outhouses, coffins (yep!) and wagons. His commissioned and specialty items have been featured in some of the most prominent publications and shows in the world. Terry's talent is undeniable, and his parents couldn't be more proud!