Evergreen Container Garden

By Fran Casselman

Materials & Tools:
  • #40390 Olympian Bowl Planter
  • #9737 10-Pc. 1 1/2"H Tree Set
  • #9732 5-Pc. 3/4"H Bush Set
  • #9733 5-Pc. 3/4"Dia. Mound Set
  • #9735 5-Pc. 1"H Tree Set
  • #9729 5-Pc. 3/4"H Tree Set
  • #9728 5-Pc. 1/2"Dia. Mound Set
  • #25687 Lycopodium
  • #2600 “Noch Grass”

    Cut a piece of foam core the diameter of the top opening of the planter and shave away the lower edges to fit into the taper of the bowl. Glue on a piece of grass sheet, trim to size and arrange the plants as desired, mixing heights and shapes for interest. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, secure the plants with straight pins or glue them in place. Tuck in sprigs of Lycopodium using pins or glue as necessary. Make additional gardens with seasonal plants and flowers for a changeable container garden. Tip: Glue pebbles or other weights to the underside of the foam core for greater stability.