At 1/24 scale, one half-inch is equivalent to one foot. You know what that means: phenomenally tiny kitchen dollhouse furniture! Equip your dollhouse’s kitchen with pots and pans that are less than an inch long, or tiny dishware. You can even order an entire kitchen set of 1/24 scale furniture, like appliances, cabinets, sinks, and more.

Don’t stop at the boundaries of your kitchen. With our collection of 1/24 scale furniture, you can also fill up your dining room with furniture that’s perfect scale replicas of beautiful dining sets! We have resin dining chairs, tables, and cabinets to help you make the dollhouse dining room of your dreams. You can put out a little pitcher filled with summer drinks, or decorate the dining table with 1/24 scale wine glasses. Whatever you need, Miniatures has it. Shop our collection of dining room and kitchen dollhouse furniture online and find your perfect fit!

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