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Mini dollhouses, furniture and accessories come in many different scales. 1/12 scale, often called 1” scale, is arguably the most common miniature scale. 1/12 scale means 12” in full-scale (real life) equals 1” in 1/12 scale. 1/48 scale is much smaller than even tiny 1/24 scale accessories, with 12” in full-scale equaling only 1/4”. So, for example, if you had a bed headboard that is 48” high in full-scale and you wanted to replicate it in 1/48 scale, it would be about 1”H. 1/48 scale is also sometimes called quarter-inch scale or quarter scale and is close to “O scale” in the model railroading world.

Many miniaturists and crafters like the smaller scales because they take up less space than 1/12 scale miniatures. An entire 1/48 scale dollhouse built on a base would only be approximately 13”W x 8”H x 6”D, so this scale is very easy to work into existing home décor, making great table toppers. In addition, it is absolutely fascinating to see the detail that is achieved in some of the 1/48 scale items at miniatures.com! Who knew that there was such a thing as a 1 ¼” high terra-cotta fountain that spouts water? Or a 1”H fireplace mantel?

1/48 scale miniature furniture and accessories can often also be used as small accents in larger scale scenes. For example, a 1/48 scale framed picture may work perfectly as a tiny accent on a desk or dresser in a 1/12 scene or 1/24 scale scene. They can also be fun additions to life-size craft projects, like Christmas ornaments and other holiday scenes. So whatever scale you choose to work in, miniatures.com is your source when it comes to dollhouse kits for sale! 

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