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Enough unassembled and mini unfinished dollhouse furniture for six rooms. Miniature furniture kit includes "real mirrors," toilet paper roll holder, piano keyboard, clock faces, patterns for upholstery and instructions. Easy assembly on this dollhouse with furniture--no nails or tools needed for this dollhouse furniture kit. Made of 1/8" die-cut punch-out plywood.

Scale: 1/12
Assembly Required: Yes

1/12 scale, also referred to as one-inch scale (or 1" scale), means 1 inch = 1 foot


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by Ginny
on 1/16/2014
Take your time and you’ll get good results
After building remote control airplanes, and other items we are used to kit building. This was a fun challenge. We knew this was an inexpensive kit, so we were not expecting finely detailed dollhouse furniture for display. This set was intended for our young granddaughter and was meant for play. It fits the bill perfectly. The pieces seemed to go together well, and we didn’t have the problem of lopsided pieces; most came out pretty even. My husband and I spent many fun evenings putting the pieces together using various jigs (ranging from Tabasco bottles to a small machinist square) to hold the parts as the glue dried. We stained most of the pieces, and they stained nicely. The kitchen and bath appliances were painted white… the stain was actually easier to apply. We added a shelf to the oven for the small scale turkey she could see through the oven door. All in all this kit was an excellent choice. The only problem we found…. We need to make her a bigger dollhouse!
by Megan
on 11/24/2013
Die cut kits require special techniques
I had experience with die-cut dollhouse kits, so I knew what I was getting myself into. First, don't expect these to be finely detailed miniatures. :) They are ideal for child's play furniture; inexpensive, realistic, relatively sturdy. My approach to die-cut: punch out, paint, THEN sand (320 grit), then assemble, spackle blemishes and seams (be generous, makes a huge difference with these), sand the spackle, then final paint. I've seen others do effective staining, but I don't try, I just stick to paint. Example: for the dining room, I looked for ideas on, painted it all off-black except for a grayish faux marble on the table top, upholstered the chair seats in pale gray. It was quite lovely.
by Kandra
on 9/13/2012
A Good Challenge
I also bought this kit, I found that even thoe things were not perfect - I enjoyed the fact that I could put it to gether and make ajustments when needed. You cannot go wrong with the price as I have found them to be over $12. if bought seprate. I also enjoyed the changes I made as they were my one of a kind furniture. Isnt that what makes the whole building experiance worth it? I think that it does in deed. So if you should buy it just remember it is only as good as you make it and enjoy the fun in it...
by Ray
on 8/13/2012
Don't Buy This!!!!
I am very disappointed in this product!!!!! Many of the pieces do not go flush when putting them together. After attaching legs to most of the pieces they are lopsided. If you do get this because of the price, and you know what they get what you pay for...I strongly recommend getting a little Dremel sanding tool cause you'll have lots of sanding and correcting to do. You should also get some wood filler as I said alot of the pieces aren't flush to each other. Good luck with this or spend a little more money for something better and less disappointment.
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