The great thing about miniature scenes is that they are fantasy. You never have to worry about it being too cool for your pansies, too hot for your pup to be outside, or if your grass will grow in the shade! However, another great thing is that if you want to adapt your outdoor scene for each of the seasons, has the dollhouse garden supplies you need…winter, spring, summer or fall. And if, for example, you can’t get enough of summer, just leave your dollhouse backyard decked out with a barbecue grill, grilling supplies, cooler, trashcan and lawn furniture year-round. Your mini friends can enjoy a cookout even if it is a 15 degree day in January in real life. But don’t forget the recycling bin, because even miniature people can help keep the planet clean and green!

The Outdoor Accessories category is also where you will find special touches for the exterior of your dollhouse or any mini exterior setting. You will find mailboxes, porch swings and planters, even a hummingbird feeder. And if you want even more miniature garden supplies, check out some of the other categories at For example, the Flowers & Vines, Patio Furniture, Landscaping & Trees and Dolls & Animals categories are also good places to find mini treasures for the Great Outdoors!

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