Part of the fun of miniatures is how realistic they are. Of course, your mini refrigerator isn’t really going to keep anything cold, but it is nice for the door to open in case you want to keep it stocked. Same for your miniature oven….you can’t really cook a mini turkey at Thanksgiving, but you may want the oven door open to reveal the perfect meal for your holiday scene. At, we try to have all the appliances you need to make your dollhouse or any miniature scene as realistic as possible. Our selection includes appliances from old-fashioned to modern, so no matter what your style, we have what you need.

Kitchen appliances are available in your choice of complete sets, or you can order individual pieces, mixing and matching to create just the look you want. We have large sets that even include a kitchen island, or if space is at a premium, you can choose a smaller set with just the basics. We also have washing machines and dryers, vacuum cleaners and parlor stoves. Just as when decorating a full-scale house, these basics come first, and then you can accessorize with items appropriate for the room they are in. Your kitchen counter is a great place to display a lavish dinner buffet with all your favorite foods, and kitchen cabinets are wonderful for displaying your collection of mini dishes. Be sure to check out the other categories at to find your perfect “finishing touches!”

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The Kitchen Collection - Oven
(2 reviews)
Price: $5.39
A kitchen isn't complete without it!
The Kitchen Collection - Refrigerator Kit
(1 review)
Price: $19.76
GE<sup>®</sup> Monitor-Top Refrigerator
(3 reviews)
Price: $64.99
Cast alloy refrigerator with white enamel finish and working door with ice tray compartment and three shelves inside.
The Kitchen Collection - Stove
(5 reviews)
Price: $5.39
A kitchen isn't complete without it!
Roper Range
(5 reviews)
Price: $64.99
1920s kitchen. Authentic reproductions of period appliances. Cast alloy with enamel finish.
The Kitchen Collection - 3 Inch Base (Stove/Sink)
(1 review)
Price: $16.19
Paritally assembled. Customize your kitchen with this modular cabinet!
Maytag® Wringer Washer
(5 reviews)
Price: $64.99
1920s kitchen. Authentic reproduction. Cast alloy with enamel finish. Casters work!
4-Pc. White Kitchen Set
(2 reviews)
Price: $32.99
Parlor Stove Chrysnbon­® Kit
(1 review)
Price: $13.49
Perfectly detailed reproduction. This polystyrene kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions ...
Ice Box and Butter Churn Kit
(3 reviews)
Price: $13.99
Perfectly detailed reproduction, this polystyrene kit comes with easy to-follow instructions ...
Filled Vintage Ice Box by Reutter Porzellan
(2 reviews)
Price: $94.99
Ideal in an old fashioned kitchen...
Free Standing Modern Stainless Steel Range
(1 review)
Price: $18.99
Time for a new look in the kitchen...
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