Bathrooms didn’t always exist but, once societal preference set “the necessary” apart from the niceties of life, this purposeful space evolved from just-the-basics to spa-like luxury.

Much of the functional innovation in bathroom design occurred during the Victorian era, when medical advances spurred an appreciation for cleanliness and hygiene. With time, it became more accepted that this space in the home could be attractive as well as functional, and now it’s a space no home decorator should overlook.

In small-scale dollhouse bathrooms, we don’t usually have the space for expansive retreats, but we can still display some decorative flair. Dollhouse bathroom furniture says a lot about a home’s age – or the period of its setting. Glazed cast iron and porcelain fixtures have always been available in pure white, but those Victorians just couldn’t resist adding decorative patterns where they could. In the early-middle decades of the 20th century, a bathroom might have a color-coordinated suite of fixtures in green, pink, blue, yellow or black, among others. More recently, color and pattern have left the scene, but the appealing shape of a claw-foot tub brings vintage warmth to a modern room.

For another point of view, Victorian and other vintage styles are not only the perfect fit in a period home, but also offer a charming contrast in an otherwise updated house, perhaps reflecting the reality that expensive plumbing upgrades might have been postponed. And, of course, contemporary homeowners who prefer the look of decades past can find old-style fixtures with modern functionality. Truly, anything goes. We even offer miniature bathroom sets, to give your dollhouse bathroom a coordinated look.

As with any other space, accessories are the easiest way to bring life and style to a bathroom. Towels, toiletries and toothbrushes are a few of the dollhouse bathroom accessories that a “real” space would have; the little everyday needs you expect to see have big impact in a small world.

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