Miniature battery operated lights have brought a new generation of dollhouses out of the darkness and into the light!

Lighting a single room—or an entire house—has never been easier. And styles from Victorian to traditional modern are available. Battery-operated mini LED lights, spotlights, lamps, and even chandeliers are part of the collection, and we are constantly adding more styles. In addition, we have provided some finishes beyond traditional brass, so there are options if you want a more modern look. The battery-operated lighting collection even includes an easel with picture light to make your mini artwork a dramatic focal point! If you just need a twinkle of light under a cabinet, or if you want to make your own light fixture, check out our “Anything Lights” and get creative! If you have a spot for an ultimate show-stopping fixture, the Royale Chandelier, with perfectly scaled Austrian crystals, may be perfect!

With our battery powered lighting, no wiring and no transformer are required. You simply turn any of the battery operated LED lights on and off via a little switch on the battery case. 3V lithium batteries are used to power the fixtures, and batteries are included with the lights. The batteries will last for up to 50 hours and, of course, we have miniature replacement batteries available for when you need them. The non-replaceable LED elements will burn for at least 4,000 hours, and the other great thing about our miniature LED lights is that they put out much less heat than traditional bulbs. Wall sconces and hanging lights are magnetized for easy installation. To install, simply glue the metal back plate where you want the fixture, then click the fixture into place. This also makes replacing the batteries a snap! What a bright idea!

For more lighting options, take a look at our dollhouse ceiling fans!

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