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Although many of our miniature beds come with their own blankets and pillows, we’ve found that people often love to add their own touches. Think of your bed at home – do you have a favorite pillow you’ve added, or a comfortable quilt made by someone close to you? We think your dolls also deserve these special accents, so that’s why we offer our collection of detailed dollhouse bedding and mini pillows for those intimate final touches.

We have tiny, adorable pillows with all sorts of patterns – from a preening stitched cat to an airy picture of the Eiffel Tower. Try pairing these pillows with our afghans, quilts, or comforters to make a bed that’s perfect for a quick catnap. These pieces of dollhouse bedding will also serve to make a couch, chair, or window seat cozy and comfortable. You’ll want to curl up for a nap yourself once you’ve added some of our miniature pillows and blankets to your dollhouse!

This category includes items that are meant to add some beauty to your dollhouse. To that end, we also offer our collection of mini tablecloths and dust ruffles. In all sorts of beautiful colors and patterns, these luxurious ruffled cloths will take any dining room table, side table, or living room set-up to the next level. Take a look at our collection of accessories and additions to find what you’re looking for.

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