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What atmosphere couldn’t be improved by some flickering candlelight? Romantic bedrooms, spooky haunted corridors, ornate ballrooms and sumptuous dining room tables are just a few dollhouse locales that could use a miniature candle or two. These candles may be non-working, but the classical atmosphere they’ll add to your miniature home means they should light up the room regardless.

We’ve got dollhouse candles for different moods and occasions. For the aforementioned scary corridors and haunted hallways, there are skull candlesticks and an ornately-sculpted gargoyle candle holder. We’ve got beautiful three-candle candelabras for the most elegant of arrangements, and simple silver candleholders for when you just need to light a bedside table or a trek down the hallway. We even sell miniature candles on their own so you can make your own arrangement – a menorah for Hanukkah celebrations, maybe, or the perfect final touch for that miniature Jack o’ lantern. As always, the sky is the limit with our collection of miniatures. You’re sure to find something here to make your dollhouse just a little bit brighter.

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