Food and Drink

Father’s Day Golf Cupcakes 2-Pc. Frozen Foods Set 3-Pc. Cookies and Chips Set Pumpkin Pie
French Toast Bag of Marshmallows Chocolate Drizzle Cake Strawberry-Topped Waffles
Candy Cane Gingerbread House Cherry Cream Cake Sliced Apple Set 12 Pears
Vintage Case of Soda Birthday Cake with Chopped Nuts 6-Pc. Milk Bottle Carrier Set

Few would argue that food and drink miniatures offer some of the most intricate and realistic accents to your dollhouse. From the most elaborate mini wedding cakes to perfect little club sandwiches, we bring you hundreds of options to choose from. So, sink your teeth into some of the most delectable miniature dollhouse food & accessories you'll find anywhere!
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