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3-Pc Red Wine Set 3-Pc. Ice Bucket Set Utensil Canister with Decals and Utensils Red Chili Ristra
Tequila Sunrise Tiny Green Pitcher 3-Pc. Silver Flatware Set Garbage Can with Liner
Two Chrome Faucets and Drain Pipe Set Chocolate Chip Cookie Tray Grocery Scale Kitchen Drain Rack Set
Large Beer Bottle and Glass 5-Pc. Kitchen Utensil Set 4-Pc. Fancy Goblets Large Off-White Pitcher

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and our collection of dollhouse kitchen furniture, appliances, & accessories can help your miniature kitchen be complete down to the tiniest detail.

Whether you are building a dollhouse now and planning the new dollhouse kitchen layout, remodeling and updating an existing kitchen, or planning a freestanding room box scene, there is a lot to consider.

Of course you want the style of mini kitchen units to work with the rest of the house, but don’t forget there is a little more leeway than with a full-size house. For example, if there are six people in your real-life family, the kitchen’s eating area likely has seating for at least six. Your dollhouse family, however, can be as large or small as you want it to be!

And, while some take pride in making sure every detail of a miniature scene is absolutely realistic and would function in full scale, others’ approach is a little more relaxed. In a mini world, does it matter if an occupant can’t pass between the open oven door and the kitchen island?

Whichever your approach, the basics are the same. First, choose from our wide range of complete dollhouse kitchen sets and individual elements to plan the perfect placement of cabinetry, large appliances and furniture. The dimensions are all right here, so you can know what will fit.

Then, consider kitchen accessories, such as canisters, small appliances, and pretty serving dishes. Unlike a real-life kitchen where you may not want too much clutter on your counters, adding these details to a miniature kitchen will give it realism and charm.

Finally, bring on the food! From prepared meals to familiar packaged goodies, fresh produce and delicious treats for every holiday, has the options you want. And don’t forget to stock your kitchen for cocktail hour – you’ll find plenty of choices of wines, spirits and everything else needed to host the perfect mini happy hour in the kitchen.
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