Arched Room Box Kit 1/48 Scale Clover-Base Fountain Gardening Table Kit with Accessories Arched Bench Kit
Small Topiary in Planter 2-Pc. Ornate Black Fencing Set Reindeer Moss Pair of Block Terra-Cotta Planters
White Mini Adirondack Chair Rustic Porch Rocker Slatted Picnic Table with Benches Old-Fashioned Push Mower
5-Pc. Wicker High-Top Dining Set Two Green Elm Trees

When it’s time to give your dollhouse some curb appeal, this is the place to come! The hardscaping section contains a selection of real bricks and stones to use on the exterior of your dollhouse, as well as for patios, walkways and paths. You will also find easy-to-install sheets, made from a variety of materials, to create the look of brick and stone. Once the “hard stuff” is done, start embellishing! We have countless dollhouse outdoor accessories for ground cover, flowers, plants, climbing vines, bushes, hedges and even trees. Are you a DIY gardener who likes to create your own container garden? If so, we have pots, individual stems of flowers and even potting soil that you can pour out of the bag. If not, choose a pre-planted arrangement that you can simply drop in the perfect spot. And just like when you shop in a “real life” garden department, many of the plants and flowers you will find here can also be used inside. Mini gardening tools are essential for keeping your outdoor scene in the running for yard of the month, so don’t forget the wheelbarrow, watering can and rake for your mini yardman. Or do you need to keep your mini pup from wandering out the backyard? Add fencing. You will even find birdbaths and water features to create your ultimate outdoor retreat. And so that your mini friends can enjoy a warm evening in the garden, be sure to choose the perfect patio set, garden bench or porch swing. On the cooler evenings, you can warm things up with your outdoor fireplace, so you your mini friends can enjoy the great outdoors any time of the year! Perhaps the best thing about miniature garden accessories and mini outdoor scenes is that every mini gardener has a green thumb; we guarantee that you can’t kill any of our flowers or plants!
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