Dachshund Pet Bed JoJo the Grey Cat with Closed Eyes Curled Up Sadie
Rosie the Stretching Orange Cat Two Hedgehogs Boston Terrier Meegs the Brown Tabby Cat
Strutting Rooster Fish Bowl Mini Springer Spaniel Dog Crate-Large
Black Birdcage with Bird Pair of Duck Decoys Resting Fawn  3-Pc. Large Rabbit Family Set

Our collection of miniature dollhouse animals and pets will make your dollhouse the next Noah’s Ark! Whether you’re looking for a herd of adorable and fluffy sheep or a collection of exotic beasties – think fish, birds, and snakes – we’ll have an adorable animal available to help you fill up your miniature zoo.

We know that not everyone is ready for a whole menagerie. Are you looking for something else? Maybe your dolls could use a beloved, lifetime companion – or a friend to perch on a bookshelf or guard the yard? That’s why we have a collection of cute and cuddly miniature dogs and cats. These little toy animals are filled with details to bring them to life and infuse them with their own personalities. You’ll want to adopt them all!

Once you’ve adopted your dog, cat, or cobra, the next step is making sure that they’re taken care of. Enter our collection of pet supplies. From cages to chow to kitty litter, we’ve got everything Fido needs to be nice and comfortable in his or her new home. The best part? Miniature litter boxes never get dirty, and miniature food bowls never need to be refilled. You’re welcome.

Shop around and see what tiny furry, feathery, or fishy friend will win your heart over! You’re sure to find a pint-sized best friend in our collection of lovable miniature dollhouse pets and animals.
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