Dollhouse Dolls

Fireman Roy with Spot Blond Charmer Doll Sandy Barrett Doll 4-Pc. Finley Family
Bride Mrs. Santa Diane Sheryl
Papa Nana Alyce Healthcare Professional Cathy
Lexi Clarence Doll The Gladstone Family Dolls Indita Doll

Filling a dollhouse can be loads of fun by itself – from selecting furniture to matching your wallpaper & carpeting to creating a theme and making that come to life, there’s so many individual moments that make the process of dollhouse creation a joy. But if you’re looking to add some love and life to your dollhouse, it’s time to look at our collection of miniature dollhouse dolls. With delicate fairies, brides and grooms, firemen, and adorable babies – and even Santa Claus himself! – there are dolls available in this collection that will make your dollhouse come alive and add a feeling of authenticity like nothing else.

We love posing these dollhouse dolls in a way that brings a scene to life. Maybe there’s a line of potential customers at the counter of your little store, or maybe a dinner party full of well-dressed folks all sitting around your gorgeous dinner table? Or perhaps there’s a posse of fairies spying on the residents of a dollhouse from the outside treetops. Babies in the nursery, a proud father heading off to work, a cheerleader preparing for her big game…you’ll love finding the right fit for every imagined room and scene that your dollhouse can offer.

We even have matching family sets – parents and children, the “upstairs” and “downstairs,” a dignified older couple, and more. Find a perfect family here or create your own by mixing and matching individual dolls! No matter what you choose, you’re sure to find a doll with beautifully-detailed clothing and a face that’s bursting with personality. Take a look here.

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