Special Scale Dollhouses

1/24 Scale Colonial Dollhouse Kit by RGT 1/24 Scale Lightkeeper's House 1/24 Scale East Side Townhouse Dollhouse 1/24 Scale New England Lighthouse
1/24 Scale Country Farmhouse by RGT 1/48 Scale Greenleaf Dollhouse Village 1/48 Scale Dollhouse Old Town by Greenleaf 1/48 Scale Victorian Dollhouse Kit
1/144 Scale Log Cabin Lodge Dollhouse Kit 1/144 Scale Hampton House Kit 1/144 Scale Victorian Store Kit 1/48 Scale Santa's Workshop Kit
1/144 Scale Beach Cottage Kit 1/144 Scale Auntie Em's Farmhouse Kit 1/144 Scale Adobe Room & Patio Dollhouse Kit 1/144 Scale Tudor Dollhouse Kit

While most miniature doll houses are in 1/12 scale, there are several smaller scales available. is proud to bring you small dollhouses in 1/24 scale, 1/48 scale, 1/144 scale, as well as Playscale ... fashion doll size. Smaller scales are certainly more convenient when space is at a premium and offer the 1/12 scale miniaturist a whole new challenge!