Special Scale Dollhouses

1/48 Scale Victorian Dollhouse Kit 1/144 Scale Harper Grace House Kit 1/144 Scale Eliana Vacation Home Kit 1/48 Scale Tudor House Kit
1/144 Scale Tudor Dollhouse Kit 1/48 Scale Classic Colonial Kit 1/48 Scale Tattington House Kit 1/48 Scale St. Beckham House Kit
1/144 Scale Southwestern Dollhouse Kit 1/48 Scale Solarium Kit 1/144 Scale Log Cabin Lodge Dollhouse Kit Sam’s Study Little Kit
Cathy’s Flower House Little Kit Happy Camper Little Kit Joy’s Living Room Little Kit Carl’s Fruit Shop Little Kit

While most miniature doll houses are in 1/12 scale, there are several smaller scales available. Miniatures.com is proud to bring you small dollhouses in 1/24 scale, 1/48 scale, 1/144 scale. Smaller scales are certainly more convenient when space is at a premium and offer the 1/12 scale miniaturist a whole new challenge!
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