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Sassy Blue Cathy’s Flower House Little Kit Large Fall Porch Pot Fall Tea Towels Kit
Trick-or-Treat Candy Bowl Bales of Fun! Winter Rainbow Lighted Christmas Tree 4-Pc. Gluhwein Set from Reutter Porzellan
Bountiful Cornucopia Barnwell Railroad Lantern Camden Wall Lamp  Large Beer Bottle and Glass
Rainbow Glow Party Light Checker Chick Coco 2-Pc. Boar Terrine Féve

We know what you want. You want what's new. You want what's cutting edge. You want what no one else has yet for your dollhouse! Well, then, you have come to the right place. The minis in these pages are the latest and greatest to hit the catalog. In fact, many of them haven't even made it to the catalog. So, put on your chic-est designer running shoes and start shopping!

And for those of you who prefer a more "classic" catalog experience, please be sure to browse through our electronic catalogs. You can flip the pages, zoom in and out and even click on an item to go directly to it on our website.
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