Gray/Brown Cut Stone Veneer Home Sweet Home Mat Herringbone Flooring Cherry "Wood" Formica Sheet
Antique Turkish Red Rectangle Rug Cream Arabesque Oval Rug Afghan Mat Woven Rug Kashan Woven Rug and Runner
Autumn "Welcome" Mat Quatrefoil Leaf Encaustic Flooring Rustic Planks Flooring/Wallpaper Worn Flagstone Flooring Paper
Herringbone Wood Flooring Paper Pink “Bath” Mat Red "Braided" Rug Kit

Miniatures.com brings you almost as many choices for miniature flooring as you would find in real life! Think of this section as a one stop shop for mini flooring options. From dollhouse wood flooring sheets to dozens of carpet colors to faux tile and stone surfaces, the options are almost endless. Looking to give a castle some awe-inspiring final touches? Trying to find a welcome mat for a cozy cottage? Finishing the bathroom? The kitchen? The living room? Don’t worry: no matter what, we’ve probably got something for you here. Our options may just inspire some new decorating ideas!

Choices for indoor flooring include options such as high-quality, best-selling wood-veneer sheets in a variety of finishes, tile and marble sheets, dozens of dollhouse carpet colors, and rugs of all sizes – from large area dollhouse rugs to small mats. You’ll be able to furnish rooms of any (miniature) size with our many options. We also have packages of loose stones, in a variety of colors, which can be used for outdoor patios and paths. Fit the stones precisely together to create a sprawling landscape, or line them up for an adorable miniature path. With so many options, your choice may be “all of the above.” We don’t blame you.

The appeal of any room starts from the ground up, so don’t take your dollhouse flooring decision lightly. Take a look at our collections and find paper sheets, carpets, tiles, or stones that add the right tone and color to your dollhouse. Take your time and find your perfect fit. Hardwood, tile or carpet?

Don't forget to match your flooring with some of our miniature dollhouse wallpaper!
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