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1/24 Scale Salt and Pepper Asphalt Square Shingle Strips 1/24 Scale Colonial Dollhouse Kit by RGT 1/24 Scale Farmhouse Kit by RGT 1/24 Scale Kitchen Set
1/24 Scale 3-Pc. 1950s Kitchen Set 1/24 Scale 6-Pc. Dining Room Set Small Window Box with Flowers 1/24 Scale 6-Pc. Seagrove Dining Set
1/24 Scale 5-Pc. Copper Pot & Skillet Set Miller's Garden Little Kit 1/24 Scale Lightkeeper's House 1/24 Scale New England Lighthouse
1/24 Scale Doorknob and Keyplate with Key 1/24 Scale Five Shelf Bookcase 1/24 Scale Traditional Side-by-Side Window 1/24 Scale Victorian Door

In the world of dollhouse miniatures, there is more than one scale to transform real life into its smaller counterpart. Here at miniatures.com, we want you to find the miniatures most suited to your individual taste. 1/12 scale is the more well-known and prevalent, but it has a smaller sibling … 1/24 scale.

Like 1/12 scale, 1/24 scale dollhouse kits are also designed in different styles. The available selection includes Victorian, Salt Box and Farm House to Georgian, Bostonian and more. Some folks call 1/24 scale miniature dollhouse furniture half-scale because it is half the size of 1/12 scale, but regardless of the difference in the name, it is equally as enjoyable and gratifying. Plus it saves space in your real-life house.

In addition to the kits that are available, many of our customers choose to create their own 1/24 scale buildings and structures using our wide selection of 1/24 scale building components such as doors, windows, moulding and trim. Building from scratch in this scale opens up yet another world of new and exciting possibilities.

Whether you are looking for a simple one room cabin, a quaint little cottage or an expansive manor, we have what you seek. As with most dollhouse kits, 1/24 scale kits are mostly unassembled and unfinished. Minimal tools are needed, but time and patience are important as with all miniature building projects.

We also have 1/144 scale and 1/48 scale miniatures available.
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