Cupola by Houseworks Unfinished Partially Bricked Chimney Tyler Fireman Roy with Spot
Mail Slot Three-Unit Bookcase Victorian Door Garage with Working Garage Door by Houseworks
Blake Wall Light The Kitchen Collection - 2 Inch Base Rope Ottoman Lexi
15-Light Non-Working Window Rattan Table/Stool Medium Unfinished QuickBuild™ Display Box Extra Large Unfinished QuickBuild™ Display Box

Houseworks LTD. was founded in 1975 and has long been the largest dollhouse component manufacturer in the world. Dealers and distributors around the world choose Houseworks for an enormous and detailed selection of dollhouses and miniatures. With offerings ranging from room boxes and dollhouses to furniture, wallpaper, and dolls, Houseworks is unique in its range of high-quality miniature dollhouse supplies and furnishings. The attention to detail that Houseworks brings to each miniature is unmatched – details in a miniscule size come out as near-perfect replicas of their larger siblings. That’s why is proud to offer Houseworks dollhouse supplies – including hardware, windows, doors, cabinetry, furniture, interior and exterior finishing products, and so much more.

Take a look at the selection available here and see for yourself just how impeccable Houseworks’ craftmanship can be. There’s a reason that Houseworks LTD. has been a trusted source for dollhouse miniatures for over forty years.

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