Emily's Bed Kit Six Wall Outlets Faux Parquet Flooring Sheet White Laundry Basket
3-Pc. Green Mixing Bowl Set Pumpkin Jar Royal Blue Bell Vase Black Scroll Wall Accent
Art Deco Lady Candleholder Vintage Field Glasses/Binoculars Non-Working Tiffany Table Lamp Pink Laptop
Hammered Copper Watering Can Old Fashioned School Desk Hollow Body Guitar Toothbrush Set

Remember the old saying about the devil being in the details? Well, at, we think the fun is in the details! This is where you will find all of mini-life’s little necessities to turn any dollhouse into a miniature home. From furniture to lighting to the tiniest finishing touches, all the dollhouse accessories are all right here.

Once you've chosen from our extensive collection of dollhouses for sale, the next step is finding the accessories to fit. Just as when you build, remodel or redecorate a full-size house, there are many options to consider: carpet or hardwood flooring? Paint or wallpaper? Updated windows and doors? Traditional, Victorian, retro or modern style? Color palette?…. the list goes on and on and this is the place to come for all those dollhouse accessories options.

From the knob and knocker on the front door to the mat in front of it, the foyer table just inside, the couch, coffee table and fireplace in the living room, the appliances in the kitchen and the centerpiece for the dining room table, every mini home needs those extra touches that you’ll find right here.

Looking for cleaning supplies for under the kitchen sink or tools for the workshop? We have a selection! Perhaps you’re completing a freestanding scene to commemorate a loved one’s gardening hobby. Our large selection of dollhouse furnishings includes supplies, plants and flowers that bloom year round. Or perhaps baking is your hobby of choice … look here for the pots, pans and supplies you’ll need, plus drool-worthy finished cakes! Building a storefront to sell antiques, pastries or even bridal supplies? Find the shelves and counters you need and enjoy stocking them with all the theme-related wares available here.

You’ll also find options for lighting your miniature scene with either complete wiring systems or easy-to-place battery-operated lights — perfect for small dollhouses, room boxes and freestanding scenes. Finally, to add a little life, our selection of “playable” miniature dollhouse dolls, doll families, and extremely detailed resin dolls are ready to move right in, along with cats, dogs and birds for indoors and out.
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