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Vibrant Fall Bush Mustaches on Sticks! Elves Welcome Mat Four Chocolate Hearts
12 Red Chili Peppers Tequila Sunrise Easter Eggs in Basket Cheese Nachos
Mexican Day of the Dead Skull Jack Pops! Four Large Green Bottles Christmas Plum Pudding
Birthday Cake with Chopped Nuts American Flag for Garden Stand Six Easter Cupcakes Indita Doll

Every neighborhood has one—the house that is fully decked out for each season and special event. A seasonal doormat and wreath at the door, maybe a sign or other yard art on the lawn… even just a few little accents create a festive, welcoming atmosphere. The same is true for your dollhouse, and it is easier (and less expensive!) in miniature scale. Don’t limit yourself. has fun miniatures for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and birthdays. Each year, we bring back some tried-and-true favorites and also add the newest minis the market has to offer. Some of our handcrafters are especially diligent about watching for trends in full-scale home décor and replicating them in miniature.

Another festive way to use holiday miniatures is to create a mini display to celebrate your favorite holiday, or commemorate a birthday or anniversary. Nothing is more special than a handcrafted gift, so perhaps this is the perfect way to honor a special person in your life. A small room box can be the starting point for one of these scenes, or you can simply dress up a mini table or shelf with a few accessories and a cake or other baked goodie. Your recipient can incorporate the display almost anywhere in their home décor or with their seasonal decorations.

If Christmas is your holiday of choice, offers a wide selection of items for decorating indoors and out. There are many options for indoor trees, from undecorated all the way to fully lighted and decorated—all you have to add are the presents underneath, which we also have! No shopping required! We also have potted poinsettias, pillows, wreaths, mats, books, food, lights and outdoor trees for all your decorating needs.
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