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MagEyes® Everything You Wanted to Know About Dollhouses... Wallpaper Mucilage Weldbond® Glue
Retractable Snap Knife  DAP® Blue Stik™ Flush Cutters Extra Hands with Magnifier
5-Pc. Tweezer Set Plastic Magic DAP’s Rapid Fuse Gel Adhesive 5 oz. Wallpaper Gel
MicroLux® Micro Sander Set	12" x 36" Cork Sheet Book of Mini: Inside the Big World of Tiny Things Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Just as when you are building or remodeling a full-size house or room, you are going to need the correct tools and dollhouse building supplies for your miniature projects, and has all of the supplies you will need to build your dollhouse. There is a full selection of miniature construction materials such as adhesives, hand tools, electrical supplies, magnifiers and other secrets of the trade. If you are a long-time crafter, you will may already have a lot of suppliers you can also use for miniatures, but you will have fun adding to your “toolbox” with some specialized items. For example, who knew you could find an attachment kit for your vacuum that will clean the tiniest of items? Or, if you are brand new to crafting or miniatures, you may be interested in our Deluxe Dollhouse Tool Kit. With light and heavy duty craft knives, a miter box, saw blade, sanding block, wedge and stick, awl, screwdriver, small and large clamps, metal ruler and assorted blades and drill bits, you will be off to a great start!

Glues and adhesives are very important dollhouse building supplies for the miniature crafter. Sure, everyone loves their hot glue gun, but it probably won’t be your go-to adhesive for miniatures. has a selection of over 20 glues and adhesives that are especially useful for miniaturists, from tacky wax to wallpaper gel to mortar mix for installing bricks. Adhesive choices are often a matter of personal preference, and we don’t know any crafter that doesn’t have a “go-to glue,” but if you want suggestions for a particular project or application, our site has a handy dollhouse glue chart for your reference.

The Builders Corner doesn't only feature dollhouse building materials & tools; we also carry instructional books on how to build a dollhouse. These books cover specific topics, such as wallpaper installation, in addition to general instruction on miniature crafting and creating your own DIY dollhouse furniture. Nancy Van Horn’s “Everything You Wanted To Know About Dollhouses But Didn’t Know Who To Ask” book is helpful for new and experienced miniaturists and has been a best-seller for years.
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