Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink 5-Pc. Black Bath Accessory Set 5-Pc. White Bath Accessory Set 4-Pc. Lipstick Set
3 Rolls of Bath Tissue Pink “Bath” Mat Two Chrome Faucets and Drain Pipe Set Two Door Wall Cabinet
White Kitchen Sink Bathroom Cupboard With Blue Accessories White Pedestal Sink Bathroom Scale
White Towel Rack with Towels Toothbrush Set 4-Pc. Gold Burst Bathroom Set

Much more than just a cramped space for a sink, tub and toilet, bathrooms have evolved greatly over the years. Originally just a place to take care of personal hygiene, the bathroom is often now a key room in a home. It can be designed as peaceful sanctuary for soaking in a bath with a glass of wine and a good book, plus room to dress and primp in front of a mirror and vanity. Just as when you are building a full-size house and deciding the priorities of your family needs in a bathroom, the same thought process should go into your miniature dollhouse bathroom.  If your miniature bathroom is part of a full dollhouse, you may want to furnish it with pieces similar to the period of the rest of your house. If the time setting of your bathroom is before modern plumbing, has Victorian sets with raised tank, pull-chain commodes and claw-foot tubs. These same dollhouse bathroom sets can add vintage charm to a modern dollhouse. Or, if you want to deck your dollhouse bathroom out with the most modern miniature bathroom furniture, you may choose to use a double sink or create two vanity areas and install a walk-in shower. Or, perhaps you are adding a simple powder room for guests to use? We have smaller dollhouse bathroom sets and individual sinks and commodes so you can choose just what you need.

Once you have determined the basic furnishings for your miniature bathroom, it’s time to dress it up and add the details that make it realistic. Our miniature bathroom accessories include mirrors, towels, mats, tissue, soap, bath tissue, waste basket, tooth brush and paste, towel bars, even a miniature toilet, plunger and rubber duck! Your mini inhabitants will want all the dollhouse bathroom supplies that the rest of us expect in a well-stocked bathroom. So whether you need to furnish a luxurious en suite or just add the finishing touch to a powder room, you will find what you need here.
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