Pair of Round Baskets Abundant Blooms Basket Yellow Floral Hanging Planter Traditional Mantel Clock from Reutter Porzellan
Turned Candlesticks Trio Tulips and Irises in Fused Glass Vase Pumpkin Wreath Holly and Berries Planter
Working Mantel Clock by Reutter Porzellan 12-Pc. Paperback Book Set Lizzy Tie-Back Curtains Tiny Christmas Tree Jars
Brayden Mirror Pink Rose Centerpiece Three Candle Candelabra with Candles Glass Display Dome

The details are what amaze most people about miniature scenes. Whether you are designing a large, elaborate multi-room dollhouse or a simple room box to commemorate an event, the real fun starts when it is time to add personal interior touches to dollhouse decoration. is your source for thousands of tiny (and some not-so-tiny) items that will allow you to create just the scene and mood that you desire.

Just like with a full-scale home, every miniature scene has its style….rustic, eclectic, Victorian, contemporary, country French, modern, minimalistic….the list goes on and on. But so does our selection of accessories to create exactly the décor you desire! In this grouping of items, you will find special touches for every wall, tabletop, corner, bookcase, mantel and window. You will find everything you need here to create a gallery of pictures climbing your staircase wall. You can also find that perfect mirror to put over your fireplace mantel. Need baskets to display towels in the bathroom? We have them. Want to create a welcoming vignette on your foyer table? Look at our selection of candles, vases and flowers. Whether you want to fill every nook and cranny of your room or scene or are looking for that one perfect item to be a focal point, you will find what you need to infuse your personality into your mini scene. You will even find seasonal wreaths and signs for when you want to celebrate a season or just get some dollhouse decorating ideas. And even if you don’t think of yourself as a “knick-knack person,” keep this in mind: dusting miniatures is completely optional!

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